Local Area

The village stretches out approximately 1.5 miles in length with the main central section providing the most historic and visual experiences. A visitor can spend a pleasant hour or so strolling along the main street then turning into some of the more interesting looking lanes that branch off it, perhaps followed by a visit to the pub!

Three other activities may also bring the visitor to this area.......

Summer Leys Nature Reserve

About a mile from the village is the beautiful Summer Leys Nature Reserve, nestling between Great Doddington and Wollaston. The reserve is a haven for both local and migratory birds and also boasts a spectacular butterfly field at the right time of year. There are several bird-hides dotted around the reserve and are visited by "twitters" and families alike. A circular walk around the Reserve takes between 1 and 1.5 hours depending on your speed and much of it is on good paths (partly on a gravelled-over old railway line) - many people take pushchairs around. Just beware after rains though - the paths can get a little muddy at times! There is a carpark right by the Reserve, which can be reached by turning left at the Hardwater Road junction at the Earls Barton end of the village and proceeding for a about a mile from there. Directions to the Reserve are well-signed on approaches to the Village.

Nene Valley Way

The River Nene flows right past the Summer Leys Nature Reserve and its well marked footpaths, known as the Nene Valley Way, extend for miles in both directions away from Great Doddington through lovely countryside.

From the village, various paths are marked down to the Nene Valley Way, allowing ramblers to choose the right length walk for themselves.

Waendel Walk Weekend

Every year in May, an event known as the Waendel walk is arranged where thousands of people walk or cycle a number of designated routes ranging from 5 kilometres to over 40 kilometres, all starting and ending in Wellingborough, about 2 miles from Great Doddington. The event aims to provide a pleasant recreational weekend for families and casual walkers whilst at the same time being a part of the international walking circuit. There are tangible benefits for the local culture and commerce in that tourists from overseas are attracted by the international status of the Walk, as well as visitors from other parts of this country.

One of the highlights for the participants is the section through Great Doddington and many of them can be seen photographing our lovely buildings or just enjoying ice-creams on our village seats and grassy areas. The pub and village shop are very busy that weekend as well!

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